Meet the Team
Izzet Faik

When it comes to a first class experience with a travel agency, a client needs understanding and experience. With Izzet Faik, Travel Bazaar possesses a managing director who holds a foundational understanding of the ins and outs of the day-to-day operations of a global business, and also the first hand experience of a veteran traveller who brings to this exciting new UK startup an aspiration to do things differently within British travel and tourism.

Britons have a rich heritage of tourism, and a perpetual desire to explore and experience within the Isles, and around the world. This outlook has seen Britons travel to the four corners of the earth, and do so on epic adventures that create unforgettable memories.

Travel Bazaar seeks to provide all travellers who utilise our services that same sense of adventure and exploration when travelling; while doing so amidst a comfort and care that is unbeatable by any in the field.

Travel Bazaar believes a great trip is not merely about simply arriving and departing a destination, but a full and rich experience throughout. That’s why we are proud to offer a booking and customer support service that is second to none, and provides support from your flights steps out of the first leg of your journey till your return.

We also know travel has to be just not about the great experiences you get while abroad, but the chance to plan and prepare for your journey before you leave, and as you proceed throughout it.

Izzet's leadership ensures Travel Bazaar shall be a breath of fresh air to any traveller weary of the old ways of planning a trip, with a modern and responsive website, direct communication via social media (alongside phone and email) and an ever-expanding list of recommendations and resources to explore when planning your next trip.

Travel Bazaar is set to begin anew the conversation about what it means to travel in style with service.